By agreeing to work with heather cox and heather cox codes on your web & social media needs, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions.

1) Cancellation of Services
    a. We require 7 days notice of cancellations on any products or services heather cox and heathercoxcodes offers.

2) Fees and Deposits
    a. You will be billed on the 15th or the 30th of each month for your monthly fees.
    b. A Half Down Deposit is required to start your services with heather cox.
    c. Upon completion of your website, you will be required to pay the remainder balance of the flat service fee with 7 days.
    d. Once you approve the website, you will have 7 days before you are invoiced for the remainder of the balance.
    e. The 50% deposit is only refundable if we have not fulfilled our obligations to deliver the work required under the agreement. The deposit is not refundable if the development work has been started and you terminate the contract through no fault of ours.

3) Search Engines
    a. We do not guarantee any specific position in search engine results for your website. We perform basic search engine optimization per current best practice.

4) E-Commerce
    a. You are responsible for complying with all relevant laws relating to e-commerce.

5) Ownership of Domains and Web Hosting
    a. We will supply you with account credentials for domain name registration and/or web hosting once your services with heather cox are complete and the remainder of the balance owed is paid.
    b. You will have to supply a credit card to heather cox and heather cox codes to attach to the domain registration and web hosting provider website (heather cox uses
    c. You must always have a valid credit card on file with the domain and web hosting provider. If you need to update your credit card with the domain and hosting company, heather cox will provide that service to you, free of charge!

6) Back Ups
    a. heather cox and heather cox codes will back up your website once it is complete and will back up your website once a year.

If you have any questions in regards to our Terms & Conditions, please email us at