Nic McGrue of Polymath Legal“Heather is the best! She is great at making engaging, captivating content. She’s also amazing at giving me ideas of videos to shoot and other coaching to keep my online presence strong. My social media was dead before her. I brought her on with a small package doing a few things to start with–very quickly, all of my friends and clients commented about how great my social media was starting to look. So I had to upgrade and give her all the reigns and haven’t turned back since! Thank you so much Heather. You rock!” – Nic McGrue
Founder and Lawyer at Polymath Legal in Los Angeles, California
Two stones pub“In 2018 I was introduced to Heather through a mutual connection at Delaware Today Magazine. We scheduled our initial meeting and from that point forward, Heather became our go to for all social media & online marketing needs.

As a small business owner, you don’t know, what you don’t know. And many times, with lengthy hand holding, she was able to guide me through the ever changing technology end of today’s online marketing and social media universe. First, getting to know what my wants and needs were. Then, setting a plan; executing; following up to always say, “so, what do you think?”.

Between organizing and optimizing all of our social media sites, helping us design & build a brand new website for Two Stones Pub and continuing to help us innovate our web presence and social media marketing strategies, she has become indispensable. I have nothing but great things to say about Heather & I would recommend her to any business.”

Michael Stiglitz
Owner of Two Stones Pub

Miss Delaware USA Web and Social Media SupervisorThis is a dedicated post to a strong and hardworking business woman: I would like to give a huge shout out to Heather Cox for her countless hours, extensive knowledge and amazing talents on helping me achieve a NEW and improved Miss Delaware USA and Miss Delaware Teen USA website. This is something I am truly passionate about and I wanted it to be perfect. It deserves the best attention and Heather was the perfect person for the job. It was important to me, and she worked tirelessly to make sure I felt confident about every detail. She is patient, accommodating and one badass boss lady! #SheMeansBusiness.

6 years ago, days before opening V&M Bistro with my sister Marguerita, Heather reached out and offered her services. I am proud to have her in my life and more thankful for her now than ever before. She has taught me so much and continues to guide me through the crazy roller coaster world of social media and web design. I feel we make such an awesome marketing team!

Thank you Heather from the bottom of my heart for being so amazing at what you do.”

Vincenza Carrieri-Russo
Executive Director of the Miss Delaware USA and Miss Delaware Teen USA Organization

Curly Hair Towel for Curly Hair“Heather and her team are amazing! They took the time to understand my vision as well as needs and developed an amazing Social Media strategy for me. They performed miracles with the most basic of raw content I had for them. They were always on the ball, and happy to jump right in to help in whatever I needed! I can’t recommend her enough!” – Bobby G. from The Perfect Haircare
Creator of The Perfect Haircare Towel & Brush System
Traci Madison of Madison Real Estate Inc.“Heather is the consummate social media professional!! In the first week people were asking, “who’s handling your social media”? Proof that whatever I was throwing out there wasn’t making an impact at all!! Want social media done right?! Heather is your woman!” – Traci Madison
Madison Real Estate, Inc. in Wilmington, Delaware
the fairy potter in delaware“Do you need help with your social media, web design, and general marketing? Here is the first step to your success. Award winning social media and marketing Guru, Heather Cox, will set you on the right path. The Fairy Potter was a seed of an idea in 2016. Collaborating with Heather to set up my website and social media pages was the first step. Creating a legitimate footprint online can be overwhelming. Heather was expeditious with setting up all internet areas of my new business and I was able to launch my line of pottery ahead of time. Heather has been there through the years with insights and suggestions when changes needed to be made to keep up with the ever changing social media landscape. That little seed of an idea has blossomed into a full time pottery business with the invaluable and professional help of #heathercoxcodes.”

Sue Ann Cox
Owner of The Fairy Potter

FrontLine Food Meals 2021“Heather listened to every detail we had and was extremely supportive of helping us full fill our mission of helping Frontline workers. She created a website which is easy for our customers to navigate and allows us to reach even more hardworking members of our community. Thank you, Heather!!!!”

Ashley Sokira
Co-Owner of Frontline Fuel Meals

“I have worked with Heather of #BGWD for over a decade. I was her first client regarding WordPress Website design for my Real Estate Business and she continues to help me manage and update my website to this day! I highly recommend Heather for web and social media design and management. She is highly creative and a pleasure to work with!”

Bob Warbuton, Owner
USA House Solutions, Inc
Wilmington, Delaware

lovelies custom hair art“As a bridal hair stylist, I knew I couldn’t keep putting off having a website built for my beloved and growing business, Lovelies Custom Hair Art. After seeing what Heather did, I wish I had found her sooner. Heather worked through the many revisions and edits I desired to create a website that completely reflects my brand and style. Thank you to my best Delaware friend for linking us up via the Hockessin Gossip Girls Group on Facebook!”

Margaret McCarthy
Owner of Lovelies Custom Hair Art

Soybean Asian Grille in Wilmington Delaware 2019More than just your Ordinary Web Designer!

Heather has helped me transform our website and social media since 2019. I was very happy when she approached me about updating our website because it was really old and outdated. I was hesitant at first but something about Heather told me she was a good one. And I was RIGHT!! After a week, our website looked brand new, colorful and just what I pictured it in my mind. Our website was transformed and way easier to use than before! Many customers have visited our website more than what they have in the past 10 years!!

But she didn’t stop there! Heather also helped me with my social media platforms and helped me deal with other issues like our new online ordering system. Soybean have been around for 12 years, but not until Heather arrived, our name has been noticed more than ever and the business is doing really good despite a thunderstorm of pandemic through the use of strong Online Marketing. Heather is always checking on us to see how we are doing and constantly bringing in ideas for my business! She always makes sure everything is running smoothly and makes sure any issues that come up are taken care off. She has also helped me deal with tech issues and has helped me communicate with our online ordering system team because the subject is way out of my field! She is just that person that you need for the job!! Heather is wonderful and very responsive. When I need something done, she is always there to answer your text within minutes if not seconds!! Words cant describe how grateful I am that Heather approached me in 2019 because I couldn’t imagine how I would be today without her help.”

Suthep “Aun” Prasertsantisuk
Soybean Asian Grille

St. Nicholas 2020Special Thanks to Heather!

Heather Cox came to us, St. Nicholas Church, highly recommended. We needed a website for the church. Heather brought much needed energy and so many ideas. Heather designed a website that appeals to our parishioners or anyone interested in getting to know who and what St. Nicholas Church is about. Thanks to Heather Cox, we got so much more! Our website is attractive, interactive and easy to use. The design process was amazingly easy and efficient. Thanks to Heather, we rolled out our website ahead of schedule and under budget. If time and money are important to you, then choose Heather! Heather’s knowledge and efficiency made our website a success. If you are looking for positive results, contact Heather.”

John K. of St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Church

Wowe Home Repair in Delaware 2021Heather is spectacular!

The job she did on our logo, website, and advertising materials was prompt, on point, and worked! I can not recommend Heather enough!”

Dave Attarian
Owner & Operator of WOW Home Repair

Vincenza and Margherita Italian American Bistro in Delaware“Right before we opened V&M Bistro, we launched our website and all social media outlets we had created ourselves. It was simple yet manageable for introducing the bistro to the World Wide Web.

Our good friend Heather, reached out to us saying she wanted to offer her services and could help create a stronger and more powerful presence on the internet. Immediately we thought we had to partner with her and have her work her web master magic.

Well, to date, our www.VMBistro.com website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, Yelp, UrbanSpoon and TripAdvisor presence has increased tremendously. We have created such a following at our bistro just through our social media outlets and website, that business has been booming!

We are beyond grateful for Heather’s knowledge, guidance and work ethic. She knows what she is doing! I highly recommend her services to anyone, even for individual branding. She is computer savvy and understands that blogging, hashtagging and reposting follower’s tweets and pictures are critical to creating a stronger following on the internet. We can’t thank her enough!”

Vincenza Carrieri-Russo: Miss Delaware United States 2014
Margherita Carrieri-Russo: Miss Brandywine of Miss America 2014
Owners of Vincenza & Margherita Italian-American Bistro
Wilmington, Delaware

sausage king of delaware“Back in 2017, I received an email from Heather about redoing the Maiale Deli website. We scheduled a time to talk and the rest is history. Heather took complete control of everything internet for my business and it was the best decision I could of made for the deli. For almost 3 years, Heather has been in charge of our website, social media outlets and all things google! She even helped us clean and prepare for our time on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives! She is more than a web & social media guru. She is what Delaware businesses needs for their online marketing. Hands down.”

Billy Rawstrom
The Sausage King of Delaware and owner of Maiale Deli and Salumeria

Monique-Holland-Interior-Designer-in-Washington-DC-and-Silver-Springs-MD-2019“I sought a recommendation from a fellow Interior Decorator in Delaware and I was directed to contact Heather. As a new small business, and not someone who was savvy with social media, I was having trouble with my websites and generally my SEO performance was up and down and consistently a source of frustration as I went from an overwhelming number of calls to no calls at all.

I was generally frustrated that the dollars invested to date in marketing wasn’t resulting in substantial returns. Heather was the third SEOM company I had worked with and the fifth I had interviewed. I immediately felt at ease after our initial conversation. I was concerned at the hourly rate, thinking it would be a drain on my finances; however, I immediately started to see results.

Within 60 days of hiring Heather, my traffic is up, my social media followers are up and I couldn’t be happier! Working with Heather is one of the best investments I have made and I am so glad to have her in my corner. If you want results, call Heather.”

Monique Holland
Owner and Principal Designer at Holland Custom Designs – Decorating Den Interiors

Tom of Letties Kitchen“When we first met Heather, we first brought her on to manage our social media outlets, work with a current web designer to manage menus and keep the website up to date, and to send out monthly newsletters. Once we saw Heather’s work ethic, dedication and skill set, we had her create a completely new & mobile friendly website for Lettie’s Kitchen. It was the best decision we could of made for our restaurant & online presence! We couldn’t be happier and we know we are in good hands!

Tom Alexander, Owner & Operator
Lettie’s Kitchen
Hockessin, Delaware

Woodys on Wheels Food Truck 2020Heather is one of the most professional and outgoing business owners I’ve ever met. She will go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure she has your job done professionally, quickly and efficiently! She is also reliable when need things done on the fly! We highly recommend her to anybody who wants to start a website or even get their website cleaned up! She’s probably one of the best in the business. She’s like a friend and I haven’t even met her in person! She is just awesome!”

Haywood Key
Owner of Woody’s on Wheels 302 Food Truck

Salon Addora in Glen Mills New 2020From the very first meeting with Heather my partner and I knew we found a gem. Heather is exactly what our business needed to improve our social media presence. She is very responsive to our needs and always checking in. It’s such a relief knowing that she’ll stay on top of things. She designed a whole new website for us as well. She very quickly added an online store and gift card sales during the Covid closure to help us generate some income. I really can’t say enough. Thank you Heather!!”

Theresa Massaro
Co-Owner of Salon Addora in Glen Mills

Tres Fiori Gluten Free Cupcakes in Old City PA 2020“Heather’s expertise in marketing and in web design is truly incredible. She has exceptional knowledge of what works well, especially for small business. She’s also incredibly flexible and understanding of the budgetary restrictions that come with starting a business and genuinely cares to help me succeed and grow. She has wonderful ideas while also being open and respectful of the ideas I had as well. Fast, proficient, ready and willing at all times. It’s been a real pleasure working with Heather.”

Daniela Malave
Owner of Tres Fiori

WiLDWiCH in Delaware“Heather was brought to my attention by a friend who like me owns both a food truck and restaurant. He told me she charged a fair price and almost immediately helped his bottom line. After speaking with her once I felt comfortable handing over my social media accounts. Shortly after Heather re-imagined my website.

I get compliments on the website each week, which is very nice to hear. More importantly I look at our numbers each month, and we have been up 40% across the board in the past four months (only two months after hiring Heather). Although we see new customers almost daily what has really caught my eye is seeing existing customers who used to visit twice a month coming in twice a week. Her social media savvy has kept us fresh in their minds.

Recently the WiLDWiCH food truck was stolen. Heather jumped onto her virtual stallion & used social media to spread the word & find the truck. It was returned later that day.

Finally, having Heather handle my website & social media accounts allows more time for me in my kitchen, working on recipes and controlling costs. Hiring her has paid off and is a decision that has greatly improved my business.

Mike Stanley
WiLDWiCH Cafe & Food Truck

Steve Rapposelli of Performance Physical Therapy“Having been in business for 27 years, I have seen good and bad with regard to various business consultants. All too often, paid consultants are just there to do the project and move on. I, however, like to think of any non employee of my business as a trusted advisor, who works hard to help me be successful. Heather is one of the top advisors that I have added to my business! We benefit from her deep knowledge of most things ‘techie’, sprinkled in with a large dose of common sense. I feel that when Heather is working on my business, she is totally focused on making us look our best digitally. She is direct, and thank goodness, has an opinion. Her work is done timely, and she takes extra time to educate me on WHY she is advising me a certain way regarding digital media. I feel that she thinks that MY success is HER success, and I am not just her latest customer. Her personal attention is an increasingly rare thing to find these days, and I would not go anywhere else for my online design work.”

Steve Rapposelli, Owner and Physical Therapist
Performance Physical Therapy
Located in Hockessin, Wilmington and Newark, Delaware

Quinns Cafe HockessinHeather has my highest recommendation for all of your social media needs. She is a pleasure to work with and she makes your needs a top priority. I look forward to working with her in the future”

John Quinn, Owner
Quinn’s Cafe
Hockessin, Delaware

Figabella Photography and Restoration in Newark DelawareVision, competence, and superior customer service are just a few of the qualities that Heather possesses. She truly created the appearance I was looking for in my website. Heather has made the process seamless and has been accountable for every minute she spent working with me.”

Kathleen Crumlish-Giorgianni
Figabella Photography & Photo Restoration
Newark, Delaware


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