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14 years ago, i started my business, hc web designs. 14 years ago, i was harassed and my business attacked by 2 different individuals. both of them i knew through personal connections. after that experience, i created a super hero persona to use online to shield myself, my personal life and my family. in 2021, i was attacked again, along with my business. this time… i decided to take a stand. instead of hiding behind a persona or a logo, i have decided to take my life and name back. that is how < /heathercoxcodes> was created.


no one should ever feel alone, threatened and scared due to an online bully or stalker. to give back, < /heathercoxcodes> will donate monthly to STOMP OUT Bullying, the leading national bullying and cyberbullying prevention organization for kids & teens. want to give back as well? donate today!