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30 minute coaching call reviews

“I’m in love with Heather!!!! In a 30 minute consult we covered webpage aesthetic, how to market myself, my Instagram bio and what to look for when partnering with companies! I quickly went from being discouraged to “Hey! Now I feel more confident about marketing myself!”
Chanel Black from Seattle, WA

“I just wanted to say, that I enjoyed working with Heather today. She was very insightful on how I should setup my social media page. She gave really good tips and even helped me setup my bio. I would recommend her services if you want to step up your social media pages.”
Kimmy of Kimmy’s Cakes in Ocala, FL

“Straight up fire consultation! Everything made sense when she was talking about captions, bios and SEOs! Can’t wait to dive into this this weekend and optimize not just my social media but my social media game! I appreciate the gems!”
Benjamin Stackems in Philadelphia, PA